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The HP Z8 G4 does support NVMe RAID on Windows boot drives using the Intel VROC upgrade. What you need HP Z8 Workstation At least 2 matching NVMe SSDs on the internal HP NVMe card slot. Part #933576-001 The Intel Premium VROC SKU#VROCPREMMOD Create a Windows 10 Restore flash drive using the HP Cloud Recovery Client tool. How to enable Install the VROC in the plug just below slot #7 near the bottom rear of the motherboard. Read more →

Migration Assistant Mac USB-C

Migration Assistant Robust Copy Did you know that during a migration of data using the Apple Migration Assistant that you can do some limited switching between wired and wireless connections without abandoning the transfer you already have in progress? While doing a recent transfer I noticed the Migration Assistant said “Connect an Ethernet cable to transfer data faster”, so I did. Right in the middle of a 100GB data transfer! Guess what? Read more →