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The HP Z8 G4 does support NVMe RAID on Windows boot drives using the Intel VROC upgrade.

What you need

  • HP Z8 Workstation
  • At least 2 matching NVMe SSDs on the internal HP NVMe card slot. Part #933576-001
  • The Intel Premium VROC SKU#VROCPREMMOD
  • Create a Windows 10 Restore flash drive using the HP Cloud Recovery Client tool.

How to enable

  • Install the VROC in the plug just below slot #7 near the bottom rear of the motherboard.
  • Boot into the HP Setup F10
  • Select Advanced / Slot Settings / Personality Slot 0 / Enable Intel VROC NVMe Raid (VMD1) at the bottom of the list
  • Select UEFI Drivers / Devices List / Intel Virtual RAID on CPU / Intel VROC Managed Controllers / All Intel VMD Controllers
  • Create a RAID Volume
  • Boot the HP Recovery USB flash drive. F6 Drivers should already be installed. Your RAID volume should be available to install Windows
  • First boot. Run the HP Software Setup driver installer from the Recovery flash drive.
  • Open the Intel Virtual RAID on CPU software.